Best Of TechSNAP 2014 | TechSNAP 194

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We look back at this year in TechSNAP. Allan shares his war stories, TrueCrypt shuts down, Heartbleed happens & more!

Fineness n'djamena on this week's episode of text that we got a best of for you it's a first for the text that show you submit some of your favorite moments and will review them and I'll join you from time to time to have a little holiday cheer all that and a heck of a lot more on this week's episode of Texas. Everyone and welcome to text at this episode 194 if you put broadcasting's weekly systems network and administration podcast this is our best of episode is brought to our 3 find sponsors DigitalOcean ting and I X. systems. Now this week we're doing something special I wanna say thank you to everybody who's. But in some. Or best of moments and we kick it off this year with a bang we go way back into the archive for one of our favorite war stories Mister Allen Jude's first war story on the technocrats. Click here it's a hot ...

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