Bonus: Moleskine Smart Notebook - Creative Cloud Connected

published 5 years ago

The Moleskine Smart Notebook is Creative Cloud connected and allows you to take your ideas from paper to vector with a click of your iPhone. Draw or sketch by hand, then use the Companion App to sync your files to the Creative Cloud and immediately open your image in Adobe Photoshop® CC or Adobe Illustrator® CC for refinement.

Terry white took blog I'm here take a look at the brand new moleskin. Smart notebook which is creative cloud connected. But normally I'm interest I'm introducing new tech so what's. The floodwater. Her notebook what's up with this there's no battery there's no touch screeners no display. Really because I am there's not even a stylus that comes with it what is this. Well it's a notebook with girl fashion paper inside of it. And of course you don't feel that paper off with your drawings but what makes this more connected ...

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