The Golden Ratio: Possibly the best rectangle in the world

published 6 years ago by BBC Radio

Find out more about the Golden Ratio.

Draw a square measure halfway along the bottom side of the square now draw semicircle using that point as its center cutting through the upper right corner of the square. Mark the point where the circle crosses the extension of the bottom part of that square. Draw perpendicular line up from that. Got it now join everything up. You should have a rectangle in which the side of the square is 1.6180339887 and the number goes on but this is roughly at. Times the length of the rest of the long side. Congratulations. You have drawn a golden rectangle. The proportions known usually as the golden ratio or golden section are particularly pleasing beautiful even. The ratio has satisfying properties. For instance we see that a to be is approximately 1.618 old 33988 ...

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