The Free Will Defence: A Good God vs The Problem of Evil

published 6 years ago by BBC Radio

We live in a world festering with evil. How could a good God allow this problem of evil?

NBI live in a world festering with moral evil a world of wars torture rape murder and other acts of meaningless violence in every city in the world every day there are people deliberately inflicting pain on humans and other animals and even enjoying other suffering. There's also natural evil such as disease famine floods and earthquakes. This is terrible but on tonight's. For anyone who believes in the existence of a benevolent god who's also all knowing and all powerful this presents a powerful challenge. The problem. The problem of evil. How could a good god allow anyone to do such horrific things if god is all knowing then he or she or it is completely aware of what's going on and all powerful could easily stop it. If the Thunderbolts don't con. Many atheists have taken the existence of so much evil is conclusive ...

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