AD #1522 – Hitachi Licenses Nissan Tech, Sprint Drops NASCAR, BMW’s Self-Parking i3

published 6 years ago by John McElroy

- Hyundai Unveils New Sonata Hybrid - Chrysler 300 Updates - Sprint Drops NASCAR - BMW Unveils Self-Parking i3 - Hitachi Licenses Nissan Tech - Keeping Your Air and Fuel System Clean

On today's show Hyundai reveals the new sonata hybrid sprint is dropping its NASCAR sponsorship and I'll take you back inside the Ottoline garage all that and more coming right up and align daily. This is not a line daily for December 17. 2014. Hyundai launched the all new sonata hybrid in South Korea yesterday it's longer and wider than the previous hybrid model and it adopts the new look of the regular sonata it's powered by a 2 liter gasoline engine and a 38 kilowatt electric motor that's mated to a 6 speed automatic transmission. With 16 inch wheels the sonata hybrid it's 43 miles per gallon in with 17 inch wheels tickets about 42 MPG but those numbers could change for the U. S. since the ...

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