SBG Podcast EP 1- One Tribe One Vibe

published 4 years ago by Matt Thornton

SBG Straight Blast Gym Podcast Episode 1- One Tribe One Vibe As SBG enters into its 25th year, we are closing in on more than 100 locations. We can be found on every continent on the planet (except Antarctica). We have some of the world’s biggest and best MMA champions. Our BJJ athletes can be found medaling, every weekend, all across the planet. Our coaches have helped to revolutionize law enforcement and military curriculums. And SBG as a whole has helped to lead a revolution in the Martial Arts. What Bruce Lee talked about when he spoke of Jeet Kune Do, is what SBG became – science based, focused on truth, where the individual, not the established style or system, reigns supreme. And while all of us who are part of SBG are proud of all of that, it sits a distant second to the thing that matters most within this organization – its people. The individual members, from day one beginners to 25 years in staff; the friends, family, and supporters of SBG – are what motivate the head coaches to keep improving. It is the individual stories, of lives changed, weight lost, fears overcome, confidence acquired, and friendships made, that make SBG special. In that spirit we offer the SBG podcast. Keep an out for monthly episodes, set for release the first Wednesday of each month. And to all our members worldwide – thank you! You are what SBG is all about

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