AD #2350 – Volvo Out Performs All Automakers, Uber Introduces Electric Passenger Drone, Toyota Reports Earnings

published 2 years ago by John McElroy

- Toyota Reports Earnings - Volvo Out Performing All Automakers in U.S. - Consumers Warm Up to EVs - Uber Introduces Electric Passenger Drone - Uber and NASA Partner to Test Passenger Drones - Can Smells Help Prevent Motion Sickness in AVs?

On today's show over shows often electric passenger drowned we'll tell you who's the best performing auto maker in the US so far this year and can smells help stop motion sickness and Thomas cars on that mark coming right now online days. This is not online daily the show for enthusiasts of the automotive industry. Toyota reported its 2018 fiscal year earnings and the results are pretty impressive the company sold 8.9000000 vehicles which is just slightly off from the year before but when its subsidiaries Daihatsu in Hino are factored in the company sold 10.4000000 vehicles which is a 2 percent gain its revenue of 260 $5000000000 is up 6.5 percent its operating profit shot up 20 percent to ...

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