AD #1518 – U.S. Kicking Oil Addiction, New 3-Cylinder from Volvo, U.S. Market Breakdown

published 5 years ago by John McElroy

- U.S. Kicking Its Oil Addiction - Autonomy That’s Already in Action - Volvo’s New 3-Cylinder Engine - NAFTA Market to Hit 20 Million? - Hyundai Freshens Up Its EU Lineup - U.S. Market Breakdown by Segment

I'm today show the United States is kicking its oil addiction and headed toward energy independence will show you who's already using autonomous vehicles and Volvo shows off a 3 cylinder engine all that and more coming right up. Adeline daily. That's is Adeline daily for 12/11/2014 and here is some amazingly good news thank the cars and trucks that get better fuel economy a growing use of renewables and a demographic shift to living in cities the United States is using lasts and lasts oil. Consumption is down nearly 4 percent since. 10 and it even dropped 0.3 percent last quarter despite cheaper gasoline prices and a growing economy. As in all now accounts for ...

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