Glomerulonephritis with Dr. Caster

published 4 years ago by UofL Internal Medicine Department Faculty and Guest Lecturers

Dr. Caster is an Assistant Professor with the University of Louisville in the division of Nephrology. In this lecture she discusses glomerulonephritis. Her faculty profile can be found here:  

From Movil welcome to the internal medicine lecture series. So for those of you who don't know me on Doncaster . Was in your shoes a few years ago arm went through the residency program in fellowship here. Armed and just run back ups in July my area of interest Amerila diseases. Arm and I'll be going over Camaro nephrite us with his son. critics syndromes this week and then we'll be going up her neck products and grow next week. Yeah preview. So last decade and they've improved technology to do these really cool scanning in Yonkers. I'm not but this is a full picture these little balls here will marry a line. It's kind of like it treatment French. That's your renal vasculature. Are the goals of this lecture for you all as soon weren't have went to consider for Maryland diseases and ...

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