AnimeCons TV - Cosplay Help: Make a Great Masquerade Skit

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Looking to compete in a convention's cosplay masquerade? Shiva and Elizabeth have some helpful advice.

This is going to talk about preparing your masquerades get Elizabeth and I've done a lot of mass graves and a lot of different kinds of performances so we want to give some advice we can't promise that we help you make an award winning skate but hopefully not mess it up and have an enjoyable performance the first thing I want to talk about is getting your idea rate the the it can come from either give an idea for what you want to do on stage or other you want to do the specific costumes and okay in reading 90 DHEA or you come up the ADN okay knowing costumes we've had different it you know examples of both come up where like him doing this. Austin for this conflict should we do or only I love this song with we do with it so it's ...

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