Ep 29 - The one with THE CAKE

published 1 year ago by Hi FM

A mystery person sends a cake but the guys won't eat it!!!!... snail ballet... Robin is invited on holiday by a work colleague.

Something just hold out like that and I think it's just someone to be that guy and I should see each of which is light it's now. And this and we have I'm sure is pretty in this and I'm sure it's lovely when I can no no no I'm sure it is but we get that was the last thing. It's falling all be back soon. We get Watson of horror films I know he's so we get sent things and it's lovely and people come in and they say yes and we meet people we've been to give the house of my. Yeah yeah yeah but we usually take goal is to set for oil and receive this yesterday I'm gonna read it Germany is scary voice yet are. Do you. You guys are the best charities in. Old. I look forward to hearing ...

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