Why Ferguson Burns | Unfilter 124

published 4 years ago by Jupiter Broadcasting

In the wake of the Ferguson shooting decision, protests have erupted throughout the United States. We’ll review what has brought the nation to this point & the underlying social issues that are fueling it & why this might only be the start of a greater social unrest. Plus the big surprise from the Defense Department, why it doesn’t quite add up & a very special green holiday high-note.

This and more violence overnight dozens of people arrested as those protests got out of control again another police car set on fire and I sat down with the man in the middle of it all officer Darren Wilson telling his side of the story for the first time. I use my door to try and push him back and yell at him to get back and again he just pushed the door shut just stares at me and as I look back and also on. I'm just fine. He threw the first punch yes. He threw the first one and hit me in the left side of my face. And his nose bras of swinging and grabbing and pulling. For about 10 seconds it's someone who's actually in the car physical ikea doctors hadn't him in the mix vehicle with me where you're gonna tap I keep it on my right. I take it out I come UP I pointed out of. No I said as I get back couldn't shoot you. And then his response immediately he grabbed top my gun and when he grabbed a soldier too much of a ship me. Tim wise doing I can feel his hand trying to come over my hand and inside the trigger guard and try and shoot me with my own gun ...

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