ScienceCast 169: Young Volcanoes on the Moon

published 6 years ago

Rewrite the textbooks young volcanoes on the moon presented by science at NASA. Back in 1971 Apollo 15 astronauts orbiting the moon photograph something very odd. Researchers called it aina. And it looked like the aftermath of a volcanic eruption. There's nothing odd about volcanoes on the moon per se much of the moon's entrance surface is covered with hardened lava. The main features of the man in the moon in fact or old assaulted flows deposited billions of years ago when the moon was wracked by violent eruptions. A strange thing about I know was its age. Planetary scientists have long thought that Luna volcanism came to an end about 1000000000 years ago and little has changed sense. Yeah I know look remarkably fresh. For more than 30 years aina remained a mystery a one off oddity that no one could explain. Turns out the mystery is bigger than anyone imagined ...

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