What is the Low T Syndrome? Is Testosterone Supplementation Safe?

published 1 year ago

It is possible for athletes to over-train and cause a drop on levels of testosterone. Endocrinologist Dr. Dolores Shoback looks at low T and explores testosterone supplementation. Series: "Mini Medical School for the Public" [Health and Medicine] [Show ID: 33444]

Thank you so much it's a real pleasure to be here and to talk about this topic which have become very interested in for a lot of reasons I'm an endocrinologist and see many many patients who are asking about testosterone supplementation safety all kinds issues so I've become very interested in the topic. I have no disclosures are conflicts of interest with regard to this topic so just very quickly testosterone it's a hormone that means it's a chemical that's made in our body in the testis and and other places but mainly in men in the testis it goes from the test is to the bloodstream and goes really throughout the entire body and it it's main actions are occurring in the nucleus of the cells that are in ...

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