How to Use Lightroom Mobile to Get Feedback on your Photos

published 6 years ago

In this episode of Adobe Creative Cloud TV Terry White shows how to use Lightroom Mobile to get client feedback on your photos.

Hello and welcome to a new episode of adobe creative cloud TV my name is Terry white tennis up somewhere and took a look at new features recently introduced. And what we're mobile that allow you to get client feedback. Now what were mobile allows you to see if your credit club member allows you to sync. Pacific light room collections with the clout and then of course down to your iPad or down to your iPhone I use it as my portfolio for example. However there is also web component. You can sink the same collections and they will appear in a web gallery. Now of course you can share that with gallery people can look at that was there since day one but what recently got added is the ability to have a 2 way communication with that web model. In other words I want people looking at that web gallery they can actually either click like on specific photos or add comments to specific photos and those comments on like ...

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