Expect The Unexpected #4

published 6 years ago by Jerry Savelle Ministries

In this series, Jerry Savelle teaches us that God is famous for doing the unexpected. In Job 5:9 it says that "... there is no end to His surprises." Learn to expect the unexpected from God and experience your greatest victories, NOW!

Hello everyone thank you again for joining our broadcast we appreciate you watching. I believe that we're going to. Say something today that's going to help you and your faith walk. And I believe you're going to hear some things that's going to take you to another level in your confidence in god's ability to meet your knee thank you audience for being here in the studio today it all up as we were waiting to begin this broadcast. Just kept thinking about some of those early testimonies in my life where god. Did things that were unexpected not that I didn't expect him to do it I did it ...

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