Episode 154 - Serial Stasher

published 3 years ago by Chrissy Graham

Since we last spoke, I headed over to the Lower Mainland Sheep Producer's Association Wool and Ewe-A-Fair, which is held annually at the Cloverdale Fairgrounds.  I hadn't planned to go, since I prefer to escape to these types of events kid-free if at all possible, but at the last minute, I decided to go with Emily in tow.We went for the morning, leaving before the fleece auction began at noon.  I just can't be trusted around all those fresh wool fumes! We had a really nice time, and I found a couple (of pounds, HA!) of goodies to bring home.I left fully intrigued with (and regretting I didn't buy) one of the woven 'stadium cushions' from Hannelo's Studio.  You can see a picture of what I'm talking about if you follow the link. They look amazing in person! She's a fiber artist based in the Fraser Valley.I was really impressed with the variety and beautiful colours at Ewesful Creations' booth.  I also made a quick stop in at Birkeland Bros booth. I was really hoping to pick up another pound of white Crossbred sliver to go with the pound I bought at one of the events last year (for a future sweater spin), but they didn't have any of that with them.  Never fear, I found some wool to follow me home.LinksLower Mainland Sheep Producer's AssociationEwesful Creations, Chilliwack, BCBirkeland Bros, Abbotsford, BCDeb Robson interview on the Fruity Knitting PodcastBreed specific wool - North Country CheviotI also included a little video clip of the way Emily and I have been spinning together. She loves to put her foot on the treadles and help with the spinning. She often insists I take my feet off the treadles so she can do it herself, but she isn't able to keep the wheel going by herself yet.

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