Love Like You’ve Never Been Hurt, Part 1: Love Like You’ve Never Been Hurt

published 1 year ago by Life.Church: Craig Groeschel

The people we love the most can wound us the deepest. We hold onto grudges, refuse to forgive, and build up walls to keep the pain away. But healing can’t start until you break down those barriers and learn to Love Like You’ve Never Been Hurt.

Everybody all our lives churches you chose an amazing day to come and to worship god I want to just welcome all of you every single life church across the nation those of you at our open network churches we love you we love your pastor church online computer screens all over the world thank you for taking time to be with us today your absolutely a part of our family or take it next week we're starting a brand new masters series but today you're gonna be incredibly blast we have the guy I'm gonna introduce them to you because there may be somebody here for the first time but honestly he's like a part of our family from freed shop will church one of the greatest preachers alive today not just in amazing preacher but an amazing man with the international television ministry that touches homes all over the world and a heart for people in a powerful way my good friend pastor Jensen has written a book and I invited him to come and share on it because ...

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