Democrat Midterm Disaster | Unfilter 121

published 5 years ago by Jupiter Broadcasting

We give a high level overview of the midterm elections in the US & the blood bath the Democrats just suffered. Then after discussing some of the news headlines of the week, we dig further into ISIS oil funding & the steady drumbeat of Lone Wolf fear porn that keeps getting louder. Plus we go after the media’s coverage of the elections, discuss Obama’s short term challenges & much more!

Welcome to CBS this morning the Republican Party is celebrating a resounding victory in Tuesday's mid term elections Republicans will control all of Congress for the next 2 years CBS news projects the GOP added at least 10 seats in the house of representatives it could become the biggest Republican house majority since 1948 and Republicans are chairing a dramatic shift of power in the Senate they will have at least 52 senators in the next Congress so far the GOP has picked up 7 seats currently held by Democrats including North Carolina West Virginia Arkansas Iowa South Dakota Colorado and Montana and democratic incumbents are in danger in 3 undecided races 50 courses here with a party recharge Nancy good morning good morning Oregon they almost ran the table we went into the night watching 9 battleground races Republicans won 6 of them assessment is headed to a run off in the Republican is favored and 8 has a ...

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