A Brief History of the SDPA – Joe Monroe, PA-C

published 6 years ago by dermcast.tv

Dermcast interviewed Joe Monroe, PA-C, at the 2014 Spring Conference in Indianapolis. Mr. Monroe is one of the founding members of the SDPA and he shared some of the history of that extraordinary organization.

Damn cast studios Emily sweat again today we have PAHO Monroe thanks for being here today Joe you're welcome I understand that you were actually one of the founding members of the STP a can you tell me a little bit about that process and what it looked like in its younger years again this and about. 1983 years so I began to do more and more dermatology. In internal medicine setting more out of desperation than anything else because I was so bad in dermatology. But the more I learn the more I realized that I needed to learn and the more my colleagues began to depend on me. And with that came a little bit of interest in the profession as a whole and I got to looking around to try to find out other dermatology PA's in the U. S.. And after a search of about 6 months. came to determination that as of the early eighties there were 3 ...

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