ScienceCast 168: How to Land on a Comet

published 6 years ago

How to land on a comet presented by science Anasta. Generally speaking space missions fall into one of 3 categories. Difficult. More difficult and ridiculously difficult. Fly bys are difficult. A spaceship travels hundreds of millions of miles through the dark void of space. Pinpoints a distant planet or moon and flies past at 20 to 30000 miles per hour. Snapping pictures furiously during an achingly brief encounter. Going into orbit is more difficult. Instead of flying past its target the approaching spaceship breaks. Changing its velocity by just the right amount to circle the planet. One wrong move and the spacecraft bounces off becoming an unintended meteor. Lending is ridiculously difficult. Just plain **** 7 minutes of terror video. Watching curiosity parachute retro rocket and sky crew ...

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