Check out 3 New Filters in Adobe Photoshop CC

published 6 years ago

In this episode of Adobe Creative Cloud TV, Terry White shows off 3 New Filters in the October 2014 update to Adobe Photoshop CC. See the NEW Flame, Tree and Picture Frame filter in action in this design tutorial

Hello and welcome to a new episode for Doby crude cloud TV my name's Terry white and then subsequent to click it 3 new filters. That arrived in the 2014 October update for Photoshop CC. So for subsidy 2014 October update 3 new filters let's take a look at what they do in this design toward tutorial I figured I would counteract the mall in the study to showing you feature feature feature show you how they can actually be used together so here we go. I got a creepy stock photos forced scene if it's kind of. Great from the October touch on time framework team I think you're gonna see where this is going to just a moment are gonna go ahead and open up my second image that I want. And was going to do that and of course now you can really tell where this is going yes it's going to be a Halloween themed even if you don't care for Halloween I think you'll find of the tour ...

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