Shooting Close to Home | Unfilter 120

published 4 years ago by Jupiter Broadcasting

We share our personal experiences from the school shooting that happened just a few doors down from our homes. Then the FBI gets busted for impersonating the Seattle Times, and IT repair personnel to trap suspects, we have a new theory on how ISIS gets it’s ongoing funding, and the big lone wolf mess. Plus the tough talk from Putin that western media is totally ignoring.

Now the several times a prominent U. S. newspaper with 9 Pulitzer prizes is taking action after was revealed the F. B. I. use its logo to a new or a terrorist suspect. Without asking permission the agency set up a fake page with the Seattle times title and sent the link to a suspect. How are things more important I a picks up the story. The US agency usually at the center of criticism about entrapment surveillance or racial profiling now appears to be in the business of. Reading the news the FBI is under fire for. Eating out. Story on a bogus Seattle website. In order to plant a malware on the personal computer of a bomb. According to documents revealed by the Electronic Frontier Foundation the FBI's bogus story had an Associated Press byline and an email link in ...

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