Understanding Back Pain

published 1 year ago

Back pain is common and a specific cause can be difficult to identify. UCSF doctor explains back pain myths, diagnoses, management options and risk factors you can control. Then an orthotic specialist discuss different braces. Series: "Mini Medical School for the Public" [Show ID: 33459]

Good evening my name is Patricia Zhang I am one of the non operative spying physicians here within the department of orthopedic surgery. Our goal as the non operative spine service is to really empower our patients to better manage their own back paying in the lease in base that way. So we do this by working closely with physical therapists who had or the tests with the behavior psychologist and also pain management physicians and I do believe a key part of what we do is actually patient education so I am very honored to have this opportunity to speak to you all today. So back pain is extremely common if you were a ...

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