AD #1485 – Honda Execs. Not Fit for Pay, Q3 Results, Ford Adds Automated Technology

published 5 years ago by John McElroy

- Honda Cuts Executive Pay Over Recalls - Scion Teases iM Concept - Spain Sales Soar - GM’s 3rd Quarter Looks Decent - Daimler Posts Spectacular Numbers - Strikes Hurt Hyundai’s Bottom Line - Ford Adds Automated Technology - Terra’s New Electric Scooters

Despite its recall fiasco GM posts decent earnings Honda cuts executive pay over recalls and Ford is democratizing safety technology all that and much more coming up on outlying daily. Huddled lying daily is brought to you by. Bridgestone your journey our passion. N. by Dow automotive systems improving durability and increasing design flexibility with beta make structural and he serves at tao beta Welcome to our online daily for Thursday October 23. Hey here's something you rarely see in the corporate world executives being held accountable for poor results Honda announced that its president and. E. O. Takanobu ito. And 12 other execs are going to be hit with a pay cut because the fit hybrid. Was recalled 5 times this year. Over the next 3 months each ...

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