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We open the show with the breaking news of gunfire in Ottawa. Then discuss the role of falling oil prices in the new cold war, where ISIS gets their trucks from, teen girls on the run to join ISIS. Plus some words of sanity about Ebola from Fox new, the local scare thats too ridiculous to believe & more!

WNED ABC news special report. Now reporting George Stephanopoulos and we are coming on the air right now because we are learning about a series of shooting incidents in the capital of Canada Ottawa including at their parliament parliament here you see those pictures right there from the capital 3 separate shooting incidents according to Canadian police one inside of the parliament it what parliament building one nearby at the war memorial near the parliament and the third at a high end shopping mall called the Rideau centre in downtown Ottawa all quite close a right now I'm gonna go straight now to Canada where we have a senator from inside the parliament senator Percy down who's in the parliament this morning senator what can you tell us about the situation. Well mostly what I've heard on the news I was on the phone will someone from Prince Edward Island the region I'm from and I heard the police arriving on Parliament Hill in full force after the phone call I looked out and I saw ...

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