Changes to SDPA Conferences – Whitney High MD

published 6 years ago by interviewed Dr. Whitney High following a panel discussion at the 2014 SDPA Conference in Indianapolis. Dr. High talked about some of the new features and benefits of the SDPA conferences.

Jr high we just finished our first expert panel and I'm curious I haven't seen these at the past conferences before this is a new a new feature of the conferences sure yet this year we're trying some different things with the meeting I in the past we have had a kind of a Hodge podge of. So rises for. Followed by because many. So the idea was this year to kind of have a theme for the day. And then at the conclusion of the of the. Morning session we would have an expert panel where some of those speakers got to present cases and take questions and answers from the audience. that's that we could facilitate the understanding of the material. And so the idea was that that would. Solidify the knowledge for the morning. And it's something we're trying we never done anything like it before that was the first one I so it will probably learn some things about how to do it better and. Here. And we'll see how the member. Like ...

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