Doctor Who: After Who Live: Mark Gatiss Interview

published 4 years ago by BBC Worldwide

Mark Gatiss talks about his first memories of Doctor Who and the first time he saw a Doctor regenerate.

Welcome back to doctor who after who live I'd pitch Tochter who and look who's talking and they said no so high revenue or hardly hears a who within. Joining us now is gentleman who was written and acted in many episodes of doctor who in his so familiar with the doctor he made quite possibly from Gallifrey himself he also co created Sherlock mark Gatiss everyone. Middle does look up to in the street go my crossed Michael this is America's next top model if and they do sometimes do that yes they put with amber. Things I yeah I mean you're you're in these. Which it never got to meet whenever they can right through Iraq ever becomes then it is scifi interest but you should do it yeah yeah I'm so when did you. First ...

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