Biden Rats Out Allies | Unfilter 117

published 4 years ago by Jupiter Broadcasting

Vice President Joe Biden exposes the wests partners roles in the creation of ISIS during a speech, and the White House is in full damage control mode. Plus the boots on the ground narrative is building with pressure to deploy the troops. And we discuss the excessive violations of law enforcement in just recent weeks, and the desperate attempt to make cannabis soda a deadly killer.

That's how we roll. No around money welcome to the un filter supporters so 170 nature is cracking open. I should avoid open mind there it is. There it goes. So here we are supported China's week yeah those of you who are so how's the progress of your rebuild well you know chase chase derailed my friend all you see what happened was my dad. I'll bet back in the day. On. You know when I was your age William every noon news source code to computers you see I'd tell got into like Hey we're gonna sell a boon to computers and I'm interested in the dell XPS for 10 okay this is their first time they got is selling Linux. Okay so I bought one this this is. At least 2010 maybe earlier well yeah I remember that and so it's now become my home server ...

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