Managing Hand Eczema – Matthew Zirwas, MD

published 5 years ago by interviewed Dr. Matthew Zirwas following a panel discussion at the 2014 SDPA Conference in Indianapolis. Dr. Zirwas shared some pearls about diagnosing and managing hand eczema patients.

Desires we just heard but the first panel at the US EPA conferences and I'm curious what kind of things were discussed I know we talked about a topic dermatitis you have any pearls for treatment Sir absolutely that in any of the panel format is just a great format it really gets across the dermatology. Different experts can have different approaches to the same disease. It really gets. That across better than regular lecture does. I think some of the things that really were. Full on this panel . In the. Case talking about hand excimer . About getting people to bring in gloves from works are not just asking them you know do you have gloves at work have them bring the gloves in have them bring in new gloves use gloves and ask them how they use the gloves. Because the the most common reason for glove failure is not that it's the wrong glove it's that they're not using ...

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