DIY Ikea Kitchen Island - DIY Gardenfork

published 6 years ago by Eric Rochow

Make your own Ikea kitchen island with an Ikea cabinet, a dishwasher, and an Ikea butcher block top. Sign up for our email newsletter at www.GardenFork.TV

Today in garden fork learn how to build an ikea kitchen island stay tuned everyone welcome a garden fork we're here Hey I renovation project we're working on and show you how to build an ikea kitchen islands were gonna use ikea cabinets. I can't put your block. Watch underneath there was a homemade county residents lined. Women he space here sort I have a. Corner here. Corner cabinet dishwasher. Which about Canada. Parts of pursuing a symbol the cabinet shaded just follow the instructions for easing somewhere in the army structure Brian couldn't find my and there's some stuff over there. When you're assembling this you can use your screw gun but set it to a really like torque setting torque 7 usually on the topic. Like that don't over twisty's. The best thing when you're putting this together there's little key things that I found that really ...

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