The Khorasan Scam | Unfilter 116

published 6 years ago by Jupiter Broadcasting

The lie of the Khorasan scare has been exposed, and the coalition of the willing to fight ISIS looks more like the collision of the showing. Then we discuss the Ebola situation in the US, the major resignation turned into Obama, and the cannabis battle that could go to the Supreme Court.

everybody hates change how you do by Chris it's good to be here for another on filter supporter shall that yeah. This is a beside 116. Yeah technically well yeah and of of an ongoing series as they say that's right I big show today to do a big show high don't believe you are so. I don't believe it. Now it's I I IX I've been doing a thing I've been like yeah I I'm doing this for awhile now right yeah we going there right I spend about about I tried to make the last 2:00 hours but you like last hour hour 0.5 where I just bring up the news networks and I'm just watching like I generally bounce between fox and CNN to have the best evening stuff you know what I'm trying to check all of them you know it will you gotta be fair in pal. Right ...

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