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published 4 years ago by Eric Rochow

Cook steak in a cast iron pan on the stove top. Perfect weeknight dinner, we show how to cook steak and not ruin it, plus how to avoid setting off the smoke alarms! more cool stuff on our site, www.GardenFork.TV

Today in garden fork learn how to cook a really great stake in a fry pan on the stove top statement here one primary brought you out looking guard for cooks today I'm gonna show you how to cook this this mistake. You know and there's I think there's some trepidation that what people had to get a perfect how to do it right the summit from ways I'm gonna show you how to cook this thing in a pan on the stove top on a weeknight right here we go. First this is not a large stick a lot of the cooking show you see these really thick steaks and talk with the to Royce a. This one what it's maybe an inch and I went to the store and they don't have the thick ones I mean by and large a lot of the sticks your grocery store or going to be like this this is a bonus. I think one of the bone work the same way I write the biggest thing here is I keep this in the fridge and I saw that okay. Right resulting I like the core songs. You can use what you want. You got to see the final song. Use what you got both sides ...

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