Episode 79: Meet the California Young Birders Club

published 1 year ago by Bird Watcher’s Digest

Host Bill Thompson, III, interviews Elisa, Cayenne, BJ, and Ryan, founding members of the California Young Birders Club. These young adults share their birding origin stories, discuss what it's like to be a birder among their peers, the advantages of technology, and their plans for the future.

Welcome to the sporting life a podcast for bird watchers everywhere I'm your host bill Thompson after. The sporting life comes to you from the friendly confines of bird watchers digest and we want to congratulate VW day on 40 years of publishing great content for burgers. East of what we have to offer at first lectures digest.com. We'd like to thank our sponsors for the sporting life Carl Zeiss sports optics they make the amazing victory us up an ocular and the stunning spotting scope. You can join the zyzz community of burgers at Facebook.coms ...

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