Intraoperative TEE of the Month - October 2014

published 5 years ago by Ed Nemergut and Robert Thiele (presented by the IARS)

Basic TEE Views, Mitral Valve

This is doctor Julie health Meyer with our opening anesthesia inter operative T. E. case of the month for October 2014. Each month for the past 3 years we have featured an operative case which teachers are emphasizes an important aspect of basic inter operative T. E.. Last month and this month we are going to break down several the basic T. E. views discuss what structures are visualized in those views and how to obtain those views. These podcasts will be more tutorial based and less reliant on individual cases. As mentioned previously 2 dimensional T. E. has practical application of busy operating room environment. Key clinical tool for many situations including not only cardiac surgery but also for monitoring and evaluating human endemic compromise in the midst of surgery. The American society of echo choreography in the society of cardiovascular anesthesiologists have together endorsed guidelines originally published in 19 ...

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