Roast Corn and Cherry Tomato Salad - GardenFork.TV

published 4 years ago by Eric Rochow

Great Recipe to use up sweet corn, or just to make for dinner on GardenFork, Cooking, DIY, How to, and Gardening. www.GardenFork.TV

Today I am garden fork cherry tomato and roasted corn salad really cool stay tuned. Everyone welcome a garden fork today another way to use up all those cherry tomatoes you have a certain bite of cherry tomatoes I don't use that word but you've got all these cherry tomatoes that either you've grown or your neighbors growing and they've said here have more cherry tomatoes in the recent past we have made several cherry tomato recipes the links are below here cherry tomato pesto and roasted cherry pasta which I made again last night and my buddy bill loved it really simple links blown at the end of the show but I want to show you how to make with your certified of cherry tomatoes and corn. There's a lot of corn grown up here in New England I always end up buying too many dozens of them so this is a salad that's going to take corn cherry tomatoes coupler things make a really nice lunch or dinner and I haven't had lunch I'm hungry reading hardcore. Court here pull up the house here ...

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