Repost-Backyard Drain Repair : GardenFork.TV

published 4 years ago by Eric Rochow

Reposting of our DIY drain repair video, we fixed the broken drain with a jackhammer, fun!

That one book a garden for bring the Brooklyn backyard today we're gonna fix. Collapsed. Outdoor drain we have it during the backyard and when it rains really heavy. The drain doesn't work as you can see news pictures it fills up and then it gets a little dicey because we have some stairs. To the basement here water comes up. Close in the basement bad thing so. We were doing here we're gonna have to lift up all the symmetric Brian's here is going to use a check him to do that open a new pipe show him do it here's the remnants of the pipe that we have to replace this is why. During what work anymore I generally don't use sheet metal. 10. Piper. And I drained underground. Are you going to help. Are you going are you gonna run the jackhammer. Yeah. Are you getting at that you're in the work space you gonna have to move okay. This is a 35 pound medium use ...

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