While Zuck is Away, Facebook's Lobbyists Play | TWiT Bits

published 4 days ago

While Mark Zuckerberg was answering questions in front of Congress, Facebook lobbyists were busy helping to shape a new Maryland law concerning political ads online. For the full episode, visit twit.tv/twit/662 Host: Leo Laporte Guests: Amy Webb, Lindsey Turrentine, and Jason Hiner Bandwidth for TWiT Bits is provided by CacheFly.

I think for me there a lot of companies saying thank god mark is taking all the heat right now because if we don't have to be rich and we could just kind of yeah that's too bad about that Facebook things and I'm sure Google is number one on that list here's a there's a sucker Berg I'm just gonna play this. It is risky but I trust our chat room this is a a sucker Berg me. Game called smile.E. X. E. let's see. This is a guy over there that smile. Like the terminator he's. Trying out smile. Maybe to practice in front of the mirror something okay I just had a watch that Zach has sucked does have a somewhat robotic ...

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