AnimeCons TV - Tony Oliver Interview

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Voice actor Tony Oliver sits down with Doug at Otakon 2014 to tell us about his first convention experience and share his thoughts on conventions.

Welcome back to and we constantly as usual I'm Doug Wilder and today we're here with. One of a kind of legends of voice acting out Tony all over talk about convention experiences and how things have changed over time and everything like that. Our first question I would like to ask. Is what was your first convention. My first impression was back in the early eighties it was actually a creation convention was a Star Trek Robotech convention and it was it was quite surprising I never really been that I'd never been to a con there wasn't the con. Businesses that exists now and would make a call become a last minute because Reba couldn't be there. And . I expected to walk into a room of like 20 kids come. And and enjoy the afternoon and there was this was at a hotel right next Disneyland so I figured afterwards if you ...

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