The ISIS Reality | Unfilter 112

published 5 years ago by Jupiter Broadcasting

As the barbaric violence ratchets up, the rhetoric and general stupidity around the situation in Iraq and ISIS/ISIL has reached a new fever pitch. We’ll break through the noise and discuss the reality of the situation on the ground. Plus the latest developments between Ukraine and the rebels, the state media war & much more.

This is the business supporters show either reduce supporter show this week I I'm back and but I gotta tell you chase yeah I've been shaken to the core I've been shaken my confidence in humanity has been destroyed is it I am a hollow man. Who is it because of Joan rivers. No. Is not because of John rivers. No one does it then. I I well I don't know if I'm ready get into yet I don't feel like I don't you need something to warm up to I I feel like yeah I I I I don't I'm not ready emotionally to open myself up to the IRS about that. Okay but we do have a. Need to catch up pull up your pants. Look it's been a hard day contest and up and down all day long like a hooker like a hooker or a breeze that beginning priest all day long at the Comcast here the JV one studios. It's been a it's. I just I gave him a little rattled but you know what I think it's time to do what it is but I think some indigo trench ...

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