EKG Concepts with Dr. Espinosa

published 4 years ago by UofL Internal Medicine Department Faculty and Guest Lecturers

Dr. Martin Espinosa is currently completing a fellowship in Electrophysiology at the University of Louisville. Here, he discusses concepts in EKGs for the medical resident.

From Movil lectures.org welcome to the internal medicine lecture series. So this is. That's no way to this short okay a when I went to Berkeley. The Charlie concepts. I want you guys to understand you know they nomenclatural freaky eastward things come from like to see a little bit of interest. So you guys can hope for the look you can. Study for the. For over to memorize anything to. Okay. And there's a lot on the keys eh when I was asked to give. Yes I think if you talk that. Very broad statement. We'll have to continue to address our prior leasing through what interrupt me. Ask questions. If you don't finish they just find willow. Over time. Okay we have full so I I'm 8 water talk after. We can delay that okay important things that you guys. You know. So ...

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