ScienceCast 160: Evidence for Supernovas Near Earth

published 5 years ago

Evidence for supernovas near earth presented by science at NASA. Once every 50 years moral less a massive star explodes somewhere in the Milky Way. The resulting blast is terrifyingly powerful pumping out more energy in a split second in the sun emits in 1000000 years. At its peak a supernova can outshine the entire Milky Way. It seems obvious that you wouldn't want a supernova exploding near earth. Yet there is growing evidence that one did. Actually more than one. About 10000000 years ago a nearby cluster of supernovas went off like popcorn. We know because the explosions blew an enormous bubble in the interstellar medium. And we're inside it. Astronomers call at the local bubble. It is peanut shaped. About 300 light years long ...

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