Ferguson Police State | Unfilter 111

published 7 years ago by Jupiter Broadcasting

We analyze the situation in Ferguson, and discuss if this event is revealing a systemic problem with America’s civil police force, and if this event could service as a turning point. Plus the outrageous acts of ISIS this week have captured the world attention, and why the weed bus might be your next Seattle destination.

This is unfiltered episode 111 for 8/20/2014 say that's okay with me just give you an idea of what's going on the protesters uses main intersection the protesters at night all the way down there about half a block and your tongue what's within. Go all the way down there okay. Is threatening. The thing nobody's doing any. Stories here that I. Now I want you to look at. What is going. Ferguson Missouri in. These are all. Police. With machine kind of machine guns with a semi automatic. It falls. With the times. With shields. Many of them dressed for. They're doing that's. I don't. Because there is no. Going on here. 9. That merits ...

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